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Den Slutgiltiga Lösningen, Den Slutliga Lösningen, engelska: The Final Solution, tyska: Endlösung der Judenfrage, är ett politiskt begrepp som syftar på en massiv emigrering av judar till en egen nationalstat. Theodor Herzl använde begreppet Lösung der Judenfrage i sin ambition att skapa riktlinjer då den sionistiska rörelsen tog form i slutet av 1800-talet. Begeppet användes av de tyska nationalsocialisterna under andra världskriget med samma betydelse.

The Final Solution - ett begrepp från den sionistiska rörelsen

Sedan Theodor Herzls dagar har begreppet The Final Solution använts av den sionistiska rörelsen. Kontexten har syftat på etablerandet av egen egen stat för judar och oftast i Palestina. För att visionen ska kunna förverkligas har en emigrering av judar krävts, något som förverkligades under andra världskriget då ett samarbete etablerades med de tyska nationalsocialisterna, bland annat genom överenskommelsen Haavara. I sin bok Germany Must Perish! från 1941 använder författaren Theodore N. Kaufman begreppet Final Solution.

  • I Theodor Herzls dagböcker, utgivna under titeln The complete diaries of Theodor Herzl står att läsa i Volume 3:
"...Grand Duke of Baden, who has consented to become the exalted sponsor of my humble request for an audience with Your Imperial Majesty, that I owe my permission to submit the Zionist plan for the final solution of the Jewish Question..."[1]
"The progress of modern civilization has come to be regarded as a sort of modern Messiah for the final solution of the Jewish problem."[2]
"While we belive that the initiative toward a better and more rational state of things lies the Jew himself, it seems clear enough that no final solution of the Jewish Question can be looked for without a large decrease in the world´s general stock of ignorance and fanatieism."
"The Jewish congress at Basel convened by Dr. Herzl of Vienna has aroused in this country a deeper feeling than one of mere curiosity. It is not altogether a dream that as a part of the final solution of the Eastern question Palestine might find itself a neutral State guaranteed by the European powers."[3]
  • Crowned Masterpieces of Eloquence, 1898:

"I know that there are a great many of our people who look for a final solution of the Jewish question in what they call "assimilation.""[4]

"What is our sin? We desire to prepare in the ancient fatherland, Palestine, a legally assured home for the Jewish people. This we consider the complete and final solution of the Jewish question."[5]
  • The Times den 11 januari 1903: "It offers to the Congress of Nations a literary digest of the mass of material apt to form the scientific basis for the final solution of the Jewish problem, which, in consequence of Secretary Hay´s Roumanian note of August 11, 1902, has again become a political and diplomatic issue of the first magnitude."[6]
"Rabbi Samuel Rabinowitz, D.D., delivered an able address in the synagogue on Carleton street last night on the condition, status and aspirations of the Jewish race the world over. In eloquent language and with strong feeling, bitter at times, he recounted the struggles and persecutions that had fallen in all ages to the lot of the Israelite and offered as the only final solution of the great problem the settlement of the Hebrew race as a whole in their own old land of Palestine."[7]
"A NEW COLONIZATION SCHEME [...] Mr. Landau hopes to induce this lastnamed organization to take up his scheme; the others he objects to because he thinks they go the wrong way about to work, and because they have not so far brought the Jewish problem one step nearer to a final solution."[8]
"As you know, most of us on the Ito were original disciples of the immortal Dr. Herzl, and it was his idea that the only final solution of the Jewish question may be in the establishing of the Jew upon a home of his own."[9]
"Zionism is not a palliative, nor a specific, but a final solution of the Jewish problem."[10]
  • The Jewish Year Book of 5676 (1915 - 1916):
"United Synagogues adpots resolution that the final solution of the Jewish question will be facilitated by the formation of a Jewish political and spiritual center, preferably in Palestine, under the protection of the British flag."[11]
"CZAR´S CABINET PLANS FREEDOM FOR JEWS [...] Prince Golitzin, the Premier, in approving of Protopopoff´s measures, said: "The experience gained in putting these reforms into practice will serve as vauable material for the final solution of the Jewish problem.""[12]
  • British National Archives Public Record Office document FO 141/805/1, brev den 23 mars 1917 från Jacobus Henricus Kann till den holländske utrikesministern Jonkheer John Loudon:
"[...]...we are of the opinion that a satisfactory and final solution of the Jewish question can only be reached by the fulfillment of the Zionist idea"
"WEDGWOOD FAVORS JEWISH HOME LAND. Sees in Palestine Restoration Plan the Final Solution of the Eastern Problem. [...] The establishment of a Jewish home land in Palestine, with Jewish Ambassadors representing the interets of Palestine in every national capital of the world, would be the final solution. Colonal Wedgwood said, of the entire Jewish problem."[13]
"The Jewish Press Bureau in Stockholm communicates as follows: The Board of the Dutch Zionist Federation has issued its protest against the fact that at the Brest-Litovsk peace negotiations no representative of the Jews is heard, though not only the question of the rights of millions of Jews as a national minority will be touched upon, but also the final solution of the Jewish question may be influenced considerably."
""You can tell the readers of the Jewish Criterion that I am afraid I cannot see any final solution of the Jewish question. If the Jews are not to regard themselves as a separate nationality, then they must stand out propagators of an ideal religion."
"As already indicated, the task of the delegation from the American Jewish Congress to the Peace Conference, was to procure freedom for our brethren in Eastern Europe and to obtain a declaration from the Powers favoring a Jewsih homeland in Palestine. The Palestinian problem will see final solution when the Turkish is Treaty is signed, which will perhaps be an accomplished fact before this goes to press."[14]
""The leading Jewish circles were beginning to have great confidence in me and in the power of my influence. They realized that, thanks to my connections and my opportunities for influencing leading Goverment circles, I could actually be in a position to steer the Jewish problem towards a final solution."[15]
"On this, the resolution declares that "the final, complete and permanent solution of the Jewish question will be attained only under Socialism on the basis of the principles formulated by Lenin and Stalin and as developed in the Soviet Union´s solution of the national question.""[16]

Hermann Görings brev till Reinhard Heydrich den 31 juli 1941

Hermann Görings brev till Reinhard Heydrich den 31 juli 1941 används som bevismaterial för Förintelsen.

I ett brev daterat den 31 juli 1941 ger Hermann Göring direktiv till Reinhard Heydrich att utföra Den Slutgiltiga Lösningen. Brevet används ofta som bevismaterial för Förintelsen och ett statssanktionerat massmord på sex miljoner judar. I regel utelämnas dock att Göring ger direktiv om att lösningen ska utföras med Auswanderung och Evakuierung, vilket på svenska ungefär motsvaras av Emigration respektive Evakuering.

The Final Solution - Kanada

The Final Solution användes som begrepp även av de kanadensiska myndigheterna under andra världskriget. Eftersom Japan befann sig i krig med USA och Kanada betraktades japaner bosatta i Kanada som potentiella hot mot säkerheten och många internerades därmed i koncentrationsläger. Boken Clinching the Victory från 1943, sid 128: "...of some long term plan which envisages the final solution of the Canadian-Japanese problem: my version of that solution involves the scattering..." samt sid 129"...The Government has asked out some system of placement whereby this final solution may be carried out..."[17]



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