The Problem of Democracy

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The Problem of Democracy
(Bokens framsida)
Namn The Problem of Democracy
Alain de Benoist
Antal sidor

The Problem of Democracy är en bok av Alain de Benoist, utgiven 2011 av Arktos. Boken diskuterar den moderna demokratins bristfällighet, samtidigt som den med utgångspunkt i antikens statsstater försvarar den "klassiska demokratin" som ett uttryck för europeisk tradition.

Citat om boken

De Benoist’s main thesis is that genuine democracy can only exist in a community with shared values and common historical ties. A secondary thesis is that the larger the political unit, the stronger the type of government needed to hold it together. The liberal democracies of the West, governing over vast multicultural multitudes, are necessarily repressive and tend increasingly towards totalitarianism... A book like this should be in standard political science reading lists in all Western universities.


"The Problem of Democracy is the first of Alain de Benoist's book-length political works to appear in English. It presents the complexity and depth which underlies all of de Benoist’s work and which is often neglected by those who seek to dismiss him by oversimplifying or distorting his arguments.

De Benoist shows how democracy is, contrary to what some critics have claimed, something which has been a part of our civilisation from the beginning. The problem, he says, is not the notion of democracy in itself, but rather the current understanding of the term which, rather than empowering the individual, reduces him to little more than a cog in a machine over which he has no control, and in which the direction is set by politicians with little genuine accountability.

As an alternative, de Benoist proposes that effective democracy would mean a return to an understanding of citizenship as being tied to one’s belonging to a specific political community based on shared values and common historical ties, while doing away with the liberal notion of the delegation of sovereignty to elected representatives. The type of government which is called for is thus a return to the form of government widely understood in Antiquity, but which now seems to us to be a revolutionary notion.

This is the first in a series of volumes by Alain de Benoist which will be translated and published by Arktos Media."[1]


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