We Fight For Freedom

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We Fight For Freedom
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(Bokens framsida)
Namn We Fight For Freedom
Oswald Mosley
2012 (denna utgåva)
Antal sidor
ISBN-13: 9781908476791

We Fight For Freedom är en bok av Oswald Mosley.

Information om boken

In this British Union of Fascist’s publication the writer explains BUF policy, and attitude to the issue of personal liberty, freedom of expression, and political freedom under a British Fascist State.

The author addresses the criticism that British Fascism would curtail personal and political freedom, by explaining the fact that democracy and liberty are for all practical purposes illusions perpetuated by the financial and political elite in order to retain the political and economic status quo. The author suggests that real democracy can only exist as a product of good government, and economic liberation, and only the BUF sought to challenge both “financial” democracy one the one hand, and the inevitable tyranny of the Trade Union “block vote” and Communism on the other.

The British Union of Fascists proposed an electoral system based on “occupational” rather than on a geographic basis in order to overcome the “undemocratic” influence of vested financial and political interests in the political process, and to break the stranglehold of “International Finance” over government policy that still exists today.

Other chapter include, The Press, Freedom of Speech and Public Meetings, Freedom of Women, Freedom of Writers and Artists, Academic Freedom and numerous other issues related to liberty and personal freedom.

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