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Herzsl Cukierman (flera alternativa stavningar), född 15 april 1893 i Kurow, Polen. Död (okänt). Deporterades med familj till koncentrationslägret Sobibor i maj 1942. Cukierman ägde ett bageri i Bendin, Polen, dit besökare kom långväga ifrån för att handla. Cukiermans son Avram var gift med Hela Krzesivo, syster till den sionistiska rörelsen Gordonias ledare Motek Krzesivo. I koncentrationslägret arbetade Cukierman i köket.

Cukierman ska enligt uppgift ha smugglat brev i maten från lägeravdelning I till lägeravdelning III. I sin bok Sobibor som innehåller vittnesredogörelser hänvisar författaren Miriam Novitch till Cukierman: "The gas chambers were so well camouflaged that for ten weeks I believed that my fellow prisoners who came with me were in a labor camp. In our kitchen we cooked the soup for camp No. 3 and Ukrainian guards used to fetch the vessels. Once I put a note in Yiddish into a dumpling, "Brother, let me know what you are doing." The answer arrived, stuck to the bottom of the pot, "You shouldn't have asked. People are being gassed, and we must bury them." I informed my two friends, Leon Feldhendler and Shlomo Goldstein. However, we decided to keep quiet, as we didn't want the others to know".

Yitzhak Arad återberättar dock samma händelse på ett något annorlunda vis: "I came up with an idea. Everyday, I used to send twenty or twenty-five buckets with food for the workers in Camp III. The Germans were not interested in what I cooked, so once I prepared a thick crumb pie and inside I put the following letter: "Friends, write what is going on in your camp." When I received the bucket back, I found in one of them a piece of paper with the answer: Here the last human march takes place, from this place nobody returns. Here the people turn cold..." I informed some other people about the substance of this letter".

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