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The Jewish Cultural Heritage Foundation är en stiftelse baserad i Sverige som har som mål att främja judisk kultur. Stiftelsen grundades 2005 av Robert Weil och Proventus och drivs i samarbete med Stockholms judiska församling.

Utdrag från stiftelsens hemsida

Proventus is a private company owned by Robert Weil. With private ownership comes the possibility of a longer term perspective and engagement in society. Proventus's view is that the structural problems in the western world will lead to substantial changes in the coming years. An economy built increasingly on trade imbalances, debt and low interest rates, upcoming demographic changes and mounting anti-democratic tendencies all threaten the foundation of western life as we know it. In the case of Europe the inability to integrate new Europeans and to create new jobs in the wake of outsourcing manufacturing pose the most serious challenges. Our knowledge of the longer term issues and our engagement in culture are, not least in this situation, a natural and integrated part of our business activities.

The future of Europe lies in the ability to develop a new industrial base as well as to develop a multicultural society structure that has the ability to integrate new ethnic groups. In turn, a new industry for Europe can never be built on low cost, the key know how will be driving innovation and how to embrace creative processes in an industrial context.

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