Perón and Perónism

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Perón and Perónism
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Namn Perón and Perónism
Kerry Bolton
Antal sidor

Perón and Perónism - The Life & Thoughts of Juan Domingo Perón är en bok författad av Kerry Bolton.

Information om boken

Perón and Perónism: The Life & Thoughts of Juan Domingo Perón, is unique, especially among English language books, insofar as it is not so much a biography of the remarkable Argentine president, but an explanation of Perónism in theory and practice. While the lives of Juan, and especially Eva, Perón are relatively easy to access, seldom is it that a biography of the Peróns, or even a scholarly history of Argentina, details the doctrine of Justicialismo.

In Perón and Perónism, Bolton draws on primary documents and speeches to define the Perónist doctrine that has moved the hearts and minds of the majority of Argentines for generations. Particularly unique is the placing of Justicialism as a form of ‘national socialism’ in historical and ideological contexts, and a consideration of its antecedents. Here Perón is shown to have been not only a great leader, who built the foundations of modern Argentina, but a philosopher who drew upon various philosophical schools, from Classical Greece onwards in synthesising a ‘third position’ that transcends capitalism and communism, Right and Left, and exposes ‘demoliberalism’ as a fraud. Here we also see a man of vision, an exponent of geopolitical blocs to counter globalist hegemony, whose ideals remain profoundly relevant in the age of globalisation.


  • Introduction
  • Juan Domingo Perón: A Biographical Sketch
  • The Emergence of Justicialism
  • Third Position: Beyond Capitalism and Communism
  • Fundación Eva Perón
  • The Struggle Against International Finance 
  • The Second Perónist Period
  • The 1955 Coup against Perón
  • Achievements of the Perónist State
  • The New Justicialist Constitution
  • Capital and Capitalism
  • Justicialism And Latin America
  • ‘International Synarchy’
  • Third World: Third Position
  • The Third Perónist Period
  • After Perón
  • Conclusion
  • Index