Great Jewish Men

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Great Jewish Men, är en bok av författarna Elinor och Robert Slater, publicerad 1996. I boken hävdar författarna att den judiska bankiren Jacob Schiff hjälpte Japan finansiellt i Rysk-Japanska kriget och spelade en viktig roll under ryska revolutionen. Författarna anser att Schiff stödde den sionistiska rörelsen för etablerandet av ett judiskt hemland i Palestina.

Citat från Great Jewish Men

"Schiff also served as a director or advisor for many banks, insurance firms, and other companies. He helped float loans to the American government as well as to foreign countries. The most important was the two-hundred-million-dollar bond issue for Japan at the time of the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War. Furious with the Russians over their anti-Semitic policies, Schiff called the czarist government 'the enemy of government.' He was pleased to support the Japanese in their war effort. He also encouraged an armed revolt against the Czar. When the Japanese won the war, Schiff was presented with the Second Order of the Treasure, becoming the first foreigner to receive an official medal at the imperial palace.

In 1910 Schiff was one of several Americans who campaigned to revoke a commercial treaty with the Russians over their mistreatment of Russian Jews. Although the Russians sought him out for loans as well, he was steadfast in his refusals to grant them. Schiff made sure that no one else at Kuhn, Loeb underwrote Russian loans either. He did provide financial support for Russian-Jewish self-defense groups. It was only with the fall of the Czar in 1917 that Schiff dropped his opposition to underwriting the Russian government; he provided some support for the Kerensky government. But, angry at the Russians for refusing to honor the passports of American Jews, he successfully campaigned to abrogate the Russian-American Treaty of 1932. [...] During World War I Schiff and some of his American Jewish peers were assailed by the newer generations of Zionist leaning leaders for their indifference to Zionism. Schiff had indeed been a strong foe of Zionism, believing it a secular, nationalistic perversion of the Jewish faith and incompatible with American citizenship. He gave some funds to agricultural projects in Palestine, however, and by 1916 he had shifted his beliefs to be in favor of Zionist efforts, openly supporting the notion of a cultural homeland for Jews in Palestine".

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