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Friedrich Paul Berg, född år 1943 är en amerikansk revisionist från New Jersey, USA. Bergs föräldrar invandrade till USA från Tyskland år 1928. Utbildad till ingenjör inom gruvteknik vid Columbia University och har tjänstgjort på La Guardia-flygplatsen i New Jersey som expert på bland annat föroreningar. Då amerikansk television i april 1978 visade TV-serien Holocaust började Berg fördjupa sig i ämnet, bland annat genom att demonstrera mot TV-bolaget NBC. Som aktiv revisionist driver Berg idag webbplatsen Nazigassings och debatterar i det revisionistiska forumet på CODOH. Berg har även bidragit med flera artiklar till Journal of Historical Review.


The Holocaust story relies on generally accepted --but totally false-- misperceptions about the toxicity of diesel exhaust. Although diesel exhaust does indeed smell terrible at times and may even look terrible, the appearance and smell have nothing whatever to do with the presence or absence of any toxic ingredient. The all important toxic ingredient is carbon monoxide; at full load, diesel exhaust contains less than 0.4% carbon monoxide. These numbers are the worst cases and apply to every Diesel engine ever built regardless of the condition of the engines. From diesels, even the highest CO levels alone cannot possibly kill more than a small minority of an average group of people. Only in combination with the reduced oxygen levels, which occur only when the engines are under "heavy load," can a combination of effects kill large percentages of people in half-an-hour. Any reasonable gassing arrangement would, however, have had to kill everyone. Gasoline engine exhaust, by contrast, easily contains 7% to 12% carbon monoxide and no oxygen at all. Even far more deadly, producer gas contains up to 35% carbon monoxide and no oxygen at all. More than 500,000 producer gas-driven vehicles were used throughout German-occupied Europe during WW2, any one of which would have been thousands of times more effective than any diesel arrangement. But, neither gasoline engines nor producer gas generators have ever been implicated in any of the Holocaust claims -- only diesels. How absurd and how inefficient those Nazis must have been!" .

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