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Teaterframträdande under Pressefest 2006 som symboliserar European National Fronts kamp mot USA-imperialismen.

European National Front är ett samarbetsorgan för nationalistiska organisationer och partier i Europa. Majoriteten av de medverkande organisationerna hör till den Tredje positionen.

ENF leds av en generalsekreterare, i nuläget Roberto Fiore, som väljs av ENF:s beslutande församling bestående av represententanter från varje medlemsorganisation.

Ideologiska principer

  • In defense of the soberany, dignity and indepence of Europe and each of the nations which are part of it. One Europe of the Nations against the Europe of merchants, the political globalization and the separatism.
  • In defense of our culture, our traditions and our christian identity against the cultural globalization, the uncontrolled inmigration and the entrance of Turkey and Israel into the EU.
  • In defense of a economic system based on a real Social Justice against the capitalist globalization and the marxist models.
  • In defense of a new world order against the yankee imperialism, where the world won’t be submitted to the USA dictation and their occasional friends. A world where the developing countries will be really supported, in order to get that their citizens will no longer leave them to fall down into the new slavery coming from the illegal inmigration.
  • In defense of life and traditional familiy against the crime of abortion, gay marriages and the adoptions by homosexual pairs.

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