Eddie Weinstein

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Eddie Weinstein, alternativ stavning Eddi eller Idl. Född Yehuda Jakob Wajnsztajn 1924 i Łosice, Polen. Avliden 2011. Författare av boken 17 days in Treblinka: Daring to Resist, and Refusing to Die även publicerad under titeln Quenched Steel: The Story of an Escape from Treblinka.

Överlevde Treblinka

Weinstein uppges vara en av få som överlevde Treblinka. Enligt Weinsteins egna uppgifter sköts han i bröstet av en SS-soldat. Kulan gick igenom och han gömde sig, med hjälp av sin bror, i en byggnad med kläder alternativ gömdes på en transport med kläder. Weinstein uppger att han totalt rymde sex gånger under Förintelsen och bland annat gömde sig i en fiskdamm:

"Eddie Weinstein was deported to the Treblinka death camp from Łosice on August 22, 1942. The next day, while waiting in line for water, he was shot in the chest by an SS guard, the bullet piercing his lungs and exiting through his back. His brother hid him in a building full of the clothing of murdered Jews and left to get him water, but never returned. Eddie escaped the camp and returned to the remnant ghetto in Łosice, telling the remaining Jews about the gas chambers. He hid with his father in a pigsty, a fishpond, and a bunker in the forest and was liberated by the Soviet army on July 31m 1944, after which he was inducted into the Polish Army. Eddie escaped six times during the Holocaust. After the war, Eddie rebuilt his life in the United States."[1]


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