When Their Statues Fell

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When Their Statues Fell är det tyska frihetsrockbandet 2 Minutes Warnings debutskiva. Skivan är utgiven av Until The End Records 2009.

Första utgåvan

01 Bloody money 3:22
02 Headhunter 2:21
03 Sudden irrational act 2:15
04 Zahltag 2:22
05 Coward 2:04
06 Forum fighter 1:55
07 Global epidemic 1:56
08 Vigilant 2:49
09 Infusion of false thinking 2:13
10 Swimming with the tide 1:58
11 Nightmare of the undead 5:09

Fakta om utgivningen


  • 01) Bloody Money

They have no home, they have no pride, a so-called new order to justify their genocide, international rulers - sent directly from hell, "they came to save us" is what they tell.

We're only little figures in their dirty game. They killing these figures to come to fame. Money rules the world - we know. You're a slave and you don't know.

It's bloody money that rules the world. The only weapon against is the spoken word.

Only a few people with open eyes, do not belive in their fucking lies. We see their signs, unterstand their speech. Conspirators suck out lives like a leech.

  • 02) Headhunter

No risk, no fun. You make the last run. Don't leave the work undone. Day X has just begun.

It will be your day. Let him peacefully pray. Follow his trace and wish him to another place.

Taking cruel revenge, that was your deal. Released from all is how you feel. Crossing fists are your seal. Your insane rage is fuckin' real.

  • 03) Sudden Irrational Act

They say you're insane, fucking crazy. But you know your crime getting cool. They want to see you in jail. But you now what you to do.

Your only will: Revenge!

You offend against morality. You have no regrets. You turn off your mentality. It's a sudden irrational act.

The beast in you is now awake. You're full of rarge and fervor. In less than two fucking minutes, you destroyed the mud.

Everywhere corpses, bloody-red. Your destination is reached before you're dead.

  • 04) Zahltag

Mit aller Härte schlagen wir zurück, ihr habt es so gewollt. Zum verkriechen ist es jetzt zu spät, denn die Lawine rollt. Das Schicksal jedes einzelnen, es steht schon lange fest. Geredet wurde viel zu viel. Jetzt gibt es mächtig Stress.

Ihr könnt machen was ihr wollt. Denkt ihr könnt noch lange leben? Genug ist genug. Jetzt wird's unsere Rache geben. Ihr denkt alle Welt ist für euch, glaubt habt alles in der Hand? Da habt ihr wohl zu viel gedacht, denn eure Ende ist geplant.

Keiner kann's mehr hören, dumme Sprüche, leere Phrasen. All das hat ein Ende wenn wir euch dafür bestrafen. Sinnlos daran denken, was manch einer von uns will? Wir sind bereit zum Gegenschlag und plötzlich ist es still...

Die Schonfrist ist vorbei, die wir euch viel zu lang gewährten. Wir haben's euch gesagt, wer Wind säht wird Sturm ernten.

  • 05) Coward

You say you're my friend. But you stab in the back. Get out of my way 'cause you make me mad.

You laugh, tell lies. You're a fucking peace of shit. I fight against you, until i die.

Day of vengeance will come. Day X is near. I make you cry, your days end in fear.

When you look in the mirror, what can you see? A poor existence that lives on its knees.

A liar, a coward. With an insane mind. You're a fucking backstabber. You're not of our kind.

End your life - Coward. Fuck yourself - Coward. End your life - Coward. Your days end in fear. Fucking Coward!

  • 06) Forum Fighter

Fighting wars in world wide web. That is your activity. Scene police is everywhere. Invisible fatality!

Cyberspace politicans. They always know things better. The heros of every web board. If they write electro-letters.

Of course you have your own page. Posing star in big Myspace. I feel disgust and i feel rage. If i see your vain face.

Realize real problems in this world! Fight against surveillance of thoughts! Against the "system", shout it out! Live your life and get proud!

  • 07) Global Epidemic

Hate this class society. In every land it is the same. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. The world's system is to blame.

Big brother brings the darkness. Our kind is starving to death. And no one understands. He takes us our last breath.

Egoism is the epidemic, that burns in every brain. The masses have no convictions. Is it too late, they squeal with pain.

Our way is the right direction, if we stand together now. Expose their plans and shout it out. Checkmate and won - the beast is caught.

  • 08) Vigliant

Survival is the way to go. In a world of pain and fear. Fight against the devil's crowd. Before our kind will disappear.

Our target at the backside. With a smile on every face. Show must go on, we make it right. Our enemies are still amazed.

We are fucking avengers. Our vengeance brings your end. We take one's time, like one deserved. You won't destroy our land.

An effictive solution by popular request. It's in our sense, resistance stands. That's how we'll pass our test.

  • 09) Infusion of false thinking

These days people have one problem. Which is still credulity. TV states they have to think. That's how brainwash easily.

Chaos for the masses, is the program of the beast. And the mass is full of hope, that the world is free at least.

But the beast removes the stitches, in the background carefully. Wars, suppression, total control. New world order fatality.

Infusion of false thinking. Right into your brain.

  • 10) Swimming with the Tide

This is your perfect world right now? Do you really think you're free? In my head it fucking hurts, your indifference i see.

The high and mighty behind the scenes, destroy our culture, home and will. And the only way you walk is drinking beer and swallowing pills.

You asshole are swimming with the tide. In future, present time and history. In danger you always seek and hide and betray your own family.

I spit on you!

  • 11) Nightmare of the Undead

The symbols of greed destroyed in an hour. A scream to the world, to fight their power.

Destroy all their symbols. Bomb them to hell. History's revenge is near. When their statues fell.

Their Cities will burn. Their temples explode. Their sings fall down and they all slowly rot.

The nightmare of the undead will never end. All hail to the martyrs. We stand hand in hand.

Millions of zombies walking on the streets. It's time for them to pay the price, for all these years of fucking lies.

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