Rebel Hell

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Rebel Hell är ett amerikanskt band från Detroit.


Nr 1

01 The wolves of wotan
02 My god is war
03 Ancient blood
04 Chooser of the slain
05 Until the rivers run red
06 Iron words for a velvet age
07 Savage instinct
08 Their valor unsung
09 Where glory awaits
10 Before we hang
11 Without fireing a shot
12 Fed the dogs
13 Death of a nation
14 Set me free

Nr 2

01 Hell bent and blood bound
02 No end but victory
03 Unto the forge
04 Violence and power
05 The hammer and the anvil (Live)
06 Lycanthropy
07 She
08 Left me for dead
09 Death comes ripping
10 We hint at things racial
11 Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie
12 Killing machine
13 White magic, black magic

Nr 3

01 Our blood is shed
02 War torn
03 Anthems of the storm
04 More evil than hell
05 ...and death conquers all
06 Third world bomb
07 Viking thunder
08 Traitors gate
09 While the iron is hot
10 Disputed truth
11 Honor forever
12 The road to Asgard

Nr 4

01 Thirst for conquest
02 Enemy at the gates
03 Destruction... and then some
04 We kill, you die
05 Iron coffin
06 Violence is in style
07 To the gun
08 Blood, guts and war
09 Cut ´em down
10 From the cold, dead fingers
11 Too many laws (Too many lawyers)
12 Walk like a god
13 Off with their heads
14 Ain´t no feeble bastard (Orginal by Discharge)
15 War cry

Splitskivor som dom har medverkat på

06 Down the memory hole
07 Another nail in the coffin
08 The hammer and the anvil

Samlingsskivor som dom har medverkat på

13 Thirst for conquest
15 Hail the new dawn

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