Nietzsche: An Introduction To The Understanding of His Philosophical Activity

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Nietzsche: An Introduction To The Understanding of His Philosophical Activity är en bok skriven av Karl Jaspers 1935. Den här artikeln behandlar den engelska utgåvan från 1997.



Understanding Nietzsche's Work
The Dependence of Understanding on the Nature of the Interpreter

Book One: Nietzsche's Life

The Course of Nietzsche's Development
Friends and Loneliness
The End

Book Two: The Basic Thoughts of Nietzsche

Chapter One: Man

Introduction: Discontent with Man
The Existence of Man
Man as his Own Creator (Morality)
Nietzsche's Conception of Man as a Driving Force

Chapter Two: Truth

Scientific and Philosophic Truth
The Theory of Exegesis: Truth and Life
Nietzsche's Passionate Longing for Unlimited Truth
The Dissolution of Reason
A Transcending Breakthrough of the Truth

Chapter Three: History and the Present Age

The Forms Through Which History Reveals Itself to Nietzsche
The Vital Significance of Historical Consciousness
The Present Age

Chapter Four: Great Politics

Introduction: The Meaning of Great Politics
Nietzsche's View of Political Reality
Visions of the Possible Future
The Task of Great Politics
Great Politics and Philosophy

Chapter Five: World Exegesis

The World as Commentary
Nietzsche's New Exegesis (The Will to Power)
The World as Pure Immanence

Chapter Six: Boundaries and Sources

Introduction: The Foundamental Question: Theodicy
The Source of Awareness of Being: The "States"
The Affirmation of the Concept of Being
The Mythical Elements in Nietzsche's Nature

Book Three: Nietzsche's Way of Thinking, Viewed Within The Entirety of His Existence

Chapter One: How Nietzsche Understands Himself and His Own Thougth

Life and Knowledge
Nietzsche's Conception of Logical Forms
The Possibility of Communication
What Nietzsche Is to Himself

Chapter Two: How Nietzsche Is to Be Understood

Ways of Criticizing Nietzsche
The Will to Pure This-Worldliness
The New Philophizing
Appropriating Nietzsche