Luftbubblor injicerat i blodet

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Ottawa Citizen den 25 november 1942

Luftbubblor injicerat i blodet. En avrättningsmetod som ska ha använts under Förintelsen var luftbubblor injicerat i blodet. Den kanadensiska tidningen Ottawa Citizen publicerade den 25 november 1942 en artikel där uppgifterna backas upp med hänvisning till The State Department, det amerikanska utrikesdepartementet:

""The State Department finally made avaliable today the documents which have confirmed the stories and rumors of Jewish extermination in all Hitler-ruled Europe," he said. "Various methods are being used in the campaign," he said, "and the Nazi doctors have found that one of the simplest and cheapest methods is to inject air bubbles into the veins of the victim. "One Nazi physician can handle mote than 100 men an hour by this method."[1]


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