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Förgiftad mat. Enligt ett vittnesmål publicerat av Claims Conference utfördes under Förintelsen medicinska experiment med förgiftad mat. Resultatet av experimentet blev flera veckors paralysering av benen.

Vittnesmål från Mr. E, Age 69

"I was subjected to medical experiments from the beginning of August 1943 until the end of October 1943 under the Nazi regime. In the camp where I was kept as a child, we did not receive any food for days. We cried out for food. Then the boss of the [camp] came up to us children. He distributed various desserts to us children. After a couple of hours, we realized that something was not in order with the food. I got really sick and suffered from cramps, I threw up, had diarrhea, the chills and fever. Many died as a consequence of this poisoned food. Due to this [heavily poisoned] food my legs felt as they would be paralyzed. I could not walk for several weeks and could only be carried. As soon as I recovered, I received numerous injections from a doctor … into the right side of my mouth, close to my lower jaw. Why I was injected, for what and what substance I was injected I don’t know, since I was only 8 years old at that time. I still have a hole on my right cheek. The man who ordered all of [this], his name was ’Knoblauch.’ After the war he was hunted as a criminal of war."[1]

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