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The German Metapedia strongly recommends to remove the "ongoing fundraiser template" from all Metapedia language versions as the fundraising is not ongoing anymore. We have collected enough money and we believe that keeping the template any longer is counterproductive to the encyclopedia because it undermines the trust of the donators who may wonder about the use of the money. Please consult with the administrators of the other versions to determine their stance on the issue. We consider the matter to be urgent. All the best, the collective German MP. --Rauhreif 20 juni 2013 kl. 14.22 (CEST)

It is the template MediaWiki:Sitenotice. It has been deleted at the english and german section because the target has reached. --Rauhreif 20 juni 2013 kl. 16.29 (CEST)

I removed it for the swedish site also since target is reached. --Spoof 20 juni 2013 kl. 21.03 (CEST)