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Cold Spring
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Namn Cold Spring
Justin Mitchell
Cold Spring - officiell webbplats

Cold Spring är ett engelskt skivbolag och postorderföretag med inriktning mot musik inom genrerna neofolk, neoklassisk och andra närliggande, alternativa musikstilar. Skivbolaget grundades av Justin Mitchell år 1991.

Information från hemsidan

Welcome to the world of Cold Spring. We are a UK-based organisation, specialising in all forms of extreme media, but particularly: Black Ambient, Dark Ambient, Neoclassical, Neofolk, Medieval, Martial, Orchestral, Power Electronics, Noise, Japanese Noise, Minimal, Drone, Doom, Death Industrial, Dark Soundtracks, Experimental, obscure electronics from Russia, China, Japan, Poland etc.

We search out collectable titles from all over the world, including limited editions from small, independant labels. Our database is constantly updated and if you feel there are any bands, soundtracks or even labels that you feel we are over-looking, please let us know. We feel the Cold spring catalogue is one of the most complete sources for this genre that there is today.

Cold Spring Records has primarily been a label since 1990, releasing such influential artists such as Laibach, Psychic TV, Archon Satani, John Watermann, CCCC, Merzbow, Masonna and Z'EV. We have a full discography and artists pages on our website (click links in navigation bar above!).

The site has been established to offer you the latest news and releases, and inform of events Cold Spring-wise, or any events close to our heart.

If you wish to submit art to work as part of our paid in-house team (though obviously you can be anywhere in the world!), get in touch.


  • CSR1LP VA - '...And The Wolf Shall Lick The Jewels From Your Belly' LP
  • CSR2LP VA - 'Feeler' LP
  • CSR3CD Crash Worship ADRV
  • CSR4CD VA - 'Shrine' CD
  • CSR5CD VA - 'CSR5CD'
  • CSR6P Merzbow
  • CSR7CD Thee Angels Ov Light
  • CSR8CD Marble Sheep
  • CSR9CD Merzbow / John Watermann
  • CSR10CD Psychic TV
  • CSR11P Jarboe & Ignis Fatuus
  • CSR12CD VA - 'Seedmouth'
  • CSR13CD Inade
  • CSR14CD Ignis Fatuus
  • CSR15CD C.C.C.C.
  • CSR16CD Archon Satani
  • CSR17CD Masonna
  • CSR18CD Sutcliffe Jügend
  • CSR19P Archon Satani
  • CSR20CD Psychic TV
  • CSR21CD Turbund Sturmwerk
  • CSR22CD Melek-Tha
  • CSR23CD Merzbow / Genesis P-Orridge
  • CSR24CD Kerovnian
  • CSR25CD Schloss Tegal
  • CSR26CD Remanence
  • CSR27CD Psychic TV
  • CSR28CD Novatron
  • CSR29CD Folkstorm
  • CSR30CD Genesis P-Orridge / Z'EV
  • CSR31CD Folkstorm
  • CSR32CD Von Thronstahl
  • CSR33CD Band Of Pain
  • CSR34CD Sleep Research Facility
  • CSR35CD Kerovnian
  • CSR36CD Karjalan Sissit
  • CSR37CD Von Thronstahl
  • CSR38CD Laibach
  • CSR39CD Toroidh
  • CSR40CD VA - 'Chamber' CD
  • CSR41CD Streicher
  • CSR42CD The Grey Wolves
  • CSR43CD Band Of Pain
  • CSR45CD Schloss Tegal
  • CSR46CD A Challenge Of Honour
  • CSR47CD Clear Stream Temple
  • CSR49CD Werkraum
  • CSR50CD VA - 'Steel Night' 4CD
  • CSR51CD Necropolis
  • CSR52CD John Watermann
  • CSR53CD Deadwood
  • CSR54CD Kriegsfall-U
  • CSR55CD Merzbow Vs Nordvargr
  • CSR56CD H.E.R.R.
  • CSR58CD Kreuzweg Ost
  • CSR60CD VA - 'Swarm' 2CD
  • CSR61CD Sistrenatus
  • CSR62CD Shinjuku Thief
  • CSR63CD Archon Satani
  • CSR64EP VA - 'Instruo Vestri Pro Pugna!'
  • CSR65CD Goatvargr
  • CSR66CD Toll
  • CSR67CD Rose Rovine E Amanti
  • CSR68CD Bleiburg
  • CSR69CD H.E.R.R.
  • CSR71CD Inanna
  • CSR72CD Sleep Research Facility
  • CSR73CD Merzbow Vs Nordvargr
  • CSR74EP H.E.R.R.
  • CSR75CD Sol Invictus / Rose Rovine E Amanti / Andrew King
  • CSR77CD TenHornedBeast
  • CSR78CD Zeni Geva
  • CSR79CD C.C.C.C.
  • CSR80CD South Saturn Delta
  • CSR82CD Von Thronstahl
  • CSR83CD Sutcliffe Jügend / Satori
  • CSR84CD VA - 'John Barleycorn Reborn' 2CD
  • CSR85CD Prurient
  • CSR86CD Seelenlicht
  • CSR89CD Sagittarius
  • CSR90CD Skitliv
  • CSR92CD Sutcliffe Jügend
  • CSR95CD Satori
  • CSR96CD The Triple Tree
  • CSR97CD Alex Tiuniaev
  • CSR98CD Nordvargr
  • CSR99CD Annie Hogan
  • CSR100CD TBA
  • CSR101CD Z'EV
  • CSR102CD Merzbow / Sutcliffe Jügend / Satori
  • CSR104CD Deadwood
  • CSR105EP Boyd Rice / Z'EV
  • CSR106CD TenHornedBeast
  • CSR107CD Merzbow
  • CSR108CD Sistrenatus
  • CSR109CD Bleeding Heart Narrative
  • CSR110CD NDE
  • CSR111CD Nadja / Atavist / Satori
  • CSR112CD Rose Rovine E Amanti
  • CSR113CD Satori
  • CSR114CD Splinterskin
  • CSR115CD Seelenlicht
  • CSR116CD Iron Fist Of The Sun
  • CSR117CD H.E.R.R.
  • CSR118CD Von Thronstahl
  • CSR120CD Fire In The Head
  • CSR121CD Cages
  • CSR122CD All Hail The Transcending Ghost
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