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Arbeit är ett tyskt elektriskt och experimentellt musikprojekt. Musikprojektet grundades år 1998.

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Re-arranged German songs, folk songs, Romanticism, socialist worker songs, songs from Brecht/Eisler, and many more form the core of the band’s work.

Between 1998 and 2008, the original cast of the band ARBEIT ("work") – so far has solely published studio material. In fact, they published CDs in a cycle of three years. Two of them were studio co productions with the German radio station "DeutschlandRadio Köln" ("German Radio Cologne"). Recent release is "JUGEND" ("youth"), which includes rearranged songs taken from German Romanticism (for instance Mahler, Wagner, Brahms, Schubert, and many more). For the time being the band is working on a new CD of unpublished songs by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Peer Raben. A "best of" selection of the songs’ studio versions will now conquer the stage as a live performance for the first time. For this occasion a new compact ensemble was founded: Oliver Augst (Vocals), Marcel Daemgen (Keyboards and Sampling), and Bernhard Reiss (Drums) from Berlin.


  • Oliver Augst (Vokalist)
  • Marcel Daemgen (Keyboard, sampling)
  • Bernhard Reiss (Trummor)


  • Marx
  • An Den Deutschen Mond
  • Brecht und Eisler
  • Jugend

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