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911 Truth är partipolitiskt, etniskt och religiöst obunden amerikansk organisation som ifrågasätter den officiella versionen av vad som hände i USA den 11 september 2001, då World Trade Center i New York och Pentagonbyggnaden i Washington utsattes för ett attentat och United Airlines Flight 93 kraschade utanför Shanksville. Organisationen menar att attacken i själva verket var en False Flag Operation.

Verksamhetens syfte

Organisationen driver via sina medlemmar kravet på att en ny och oberoende utredning skall göras som tar hänsyn till omständigheter som inte var kända då den första utredningen kom med sitt slutbetänkande. Från organisationens syftesförklaring står att läsa:

TO EXPOSE the official lies and cover-up surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001 in a way that inspires the people to overcome denial and understand the truth; namely, that elements within the US government and covert policy apparatus must have orchestrated or participated in the execution of the attacks for these to have happened in the way that they did.
TO PROMOTE, and in part to provide, the best in investigative reporting, scholarly research and public education regarding the suppressed realities of September 11th, its aftermath and exploitation for political ends, the toxic air cover-up, and the anthrax attacks; mindful always of standards of fact and logic, the limits of what we know in the absence of official investigative powers, and the dangers of rumor and unconfirmed or false claims.
TO ORGANIZE and network grassroots communities promoting truth and reform and to promote global grassroots cooperation to halt corporatist crimes, abuse and dominion worldwide.
TO SEEK justice and redress for those wronged on September 11th, or as a result of the events, beginning with complete disclosure of all records and evidence; reversal of all domestic and foreign policies following from the false premises of the official story; and full accountability for any and all individuals inside and outside the US government involved in the attacks who engaged in crimes of commission, facilitation, complicity, gross negligence, cover-up or obstruction of justice after the fact.
TO ADVANCE the insight that ending a world in which 9/11-type and other "synthetic" events dictate the agenda requires the fall of the present US and global system of warfare and fraud, of secret government and hidden economics, of power concentrated in the hands of the vanishingly few; the rebirth of constitutional, open and accountable republican institutions with absolute protection for the natural rights and liberties of human beings; the rise of popular sovereignty over polity and economy; and commitment to the purposes of truth and justice, freedom and equality, peace and solidarity among human beings of all lands, and security and a sustainable living for all; cognizant that the tensions inherent among these purposes are to be addressed and resolved only in an open and peaceful fashion by a sovereign, educated and fully informed people who always hold truth first.
TO END, by way of integrity and god-given creativity, the regime and illicit power structures responsible for 9/11 and to replace the system that made 9/11 necessary. We solicit collaboration with others who are committed to achieving these goals by way of peaceful transformation.

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