Cold Meat Industry

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Cold Meat Industry
webbplatsens sidhuvud
Namn Cold Meat Industry
Ägare Roger Karmanik
Grundat 1987
Säte Mjölby, Sverige
Webbplats Cold Meat Industry - officiell webbplats

Cold Meat Industry är ett svenskt skivbolag och postorderföretag med inriktning mot musik inom genrerna neofolk, neoklassisk och andra närliggande, alternativa musikstilar.

Information från hemsidan

We began our musical "career" in the early 80's. Through different formations and projects we eventually realized that there was no suitable label around that was interested in our kind of work and music. Thus, in 1987, we established Cold Meat Industry. We had a number of friends we knew were making great music, and began to release their material. Quite soon we discovered a lot of other formations along with new aspirants good enough to release.

Our concept is to find new interesting Scandinavian groups has more and more become what people expect from us and as our major challenge it is the main reason why we are still developing this label. Working with scandinavian groups only has made it easier to communicate; to fulfill ideas and visions as well as to assist with other facilities like studios, sleeves, promotion etc.

The future is an unwritten chapter. Our hope is to continue to expand our work. To find new interesting groups, to make new friends and to keep on developing our label in any direction we may find interesting and challenging.


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